#3d-printing Official Topic

If you can think of it, you can print it

Basic Resources


  • yeggi - A search aggregator for printable 3d models
  • thingiverse - A directory of free printable 3d models
  • myminifactory - A directory of free & purchasable 3d models
  • grabcad - A directory of free printable 3d models
  • stlfinder - A directory of free printable 3d models
  • cults3d - A directory of free & purchasable 3d models

Filament Sources

  • Greybeard - Curated website on finding specific color swatches on different types of material
  • Filament.ca |CA| - Canadian store, but you get free shipping if you order over $125 USD
  • Microcenter |USA| - Inland Brand
  • Amazon |World| - Amazon Basic Filament and Hatchbox
  • Colorfabb |EU| - Worldwide but more useful for EU members (shipping wise)
  • Taulman3d |USA| - Specialized in industrial, technical, medical, artistic type filaments
  • PushPlastic |USA|
  • Printedsolid |USA|
  • Machinablewax |USA| - For use if you wanna use for metal casting.
  • FormFutura |EU| - Metal,Stone, Wood
  • Ninjatek |USA| - Specialize in TPU and rubber like filament
  • Lay Filament |EU| - Exotic like wood, brick, reflective, ceramic, moldlay (wax)
  • Virtual Foundry |USA| - Metal filament
  • 3dxtech |USA| - Carbon fiber, PEEK, UTLEM (pei), Flame Retardant, ESD, Glass Fiber
  • Proto-Pasta |USA| - Free shipping in the USA
  • Hatchbox |CN,USA| - Might also be on amazon, if not, here
  • Atomic Filament |USA|
  • Filament one |USA| - Prusa used them to mass produce for their printers, Both Czech and USA based
  • eSun 3d |USA| - China based but I’ve used their PETG, available on Amazon
  • Das Filament |EU| - German based, for you EU peeps
  • Matterhackers
  • Ninjatek |USA| - Sells filament, printers and accessories
  • Voxel Factory |CA| - Canadian based, filament and source to buy a Prusa printer

Youtube Channels

Recommended Tools

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