Gohans Lab - Too Much Stuff and Not Enough Time!


Hey Everyone!

This is Gohan472! Back again to bring you to my daily chaos known as my home-lab. :grin:


I am a humble tech nerd from Houston, Texas that is all about hardware, software, and networking!

My lab is an absolute wreck as always, and I just cant seem to get it into shape! Lol

Anyways, on wards and upwards!

Server Rack

I purchased my 42U Tripp-Lite Server Rack on Offer-Up for about $200

This bad boy is in great condition, and I was so proud to be able to get it!

I currently do not have a server “closet” or dedicated cooling, but I do have a giant game room that it can sit in. Plenty of airflow, and its in the A/C

(All of my servers are very quiet and the loudest device that I have are the NetApp DiskShelfs)

Since the Rack Enclosure is on caster wheels, it is easily movable, and very solid.

The enclosure did come with the side panels, which I have yet to install. (I did not receive the handles for it, which posed an issue, but I reached out to the Tripp-Lite Support team via E-Mail, and they were happy to send me a replacement set for FREE! :+1: )

Current Gear

{Top to Bottom} “Front”
7PESH2 “Anniversary” Build -
Reeezen Build
Empty Case
4x NetApp DiskShelfs (1x DS4246 and 3x DS4243)


ISP: Xfinity Residential Gigabit 1000Mbps/35Mbps w/ Unlimited Data
Cost: $150/mo after taxes and stuff

Modem: Arris SB8200 Docsis 3.1 Coax Modem
Router: Edge Router X (ER-X)
Switch 1: Meraki 8- Port POE Switch (MS220-8P)
Switch 2: Mikrotik 16x 10G SFP+ Port (CRS317-1G-16S+RM)
WiFi Access Point: UAP-AC-LR

All of my servers have either a single or a dual SFP+ 10G Network card connected via a DAC cable to the 10G switch.

The network cards in question are the HP NC552SFP or the Mellanox MNPA19-XTR


Rear of Rack


Daaaamn, nice :grinning:

How much total storage are you up to?


I have a total of 11x10TB drives, and a bunch of mixed disk around 40TB of capacity.


This needs to be updated I do not see a Tripp Lite rack mount UPS in here.


Lol. Yeah. I just recently added the tripplite in the last month. :slight_smile: