Guide - Replacing the NetApp DS4243 / DS4246 PSU Fans


Whats up everyone!?

This guide will help you all in replacing the fans in your NetApp Power Supplies!

Ultimately the goal is silent operation.

Now, there is really only one major risk involved with doing this.

  1. Shocking the F&*^ out of yourself. (This can happen if your not careful. Just be aware of what you are doing and don’t stray from the guide, capacitors can hold a charge for a very long time)



How did you go? I tried one out of the 4 with some generic fans but now all the other fans run at full speed.


I replaced all the fans and the netapp is absolutely silent. Let me finish writing up the guide. (the netapp is technically running the fans at max speed, but that doesn’t matter since they are all the same type and speed)

Its definitely worth doing and silent operation is amazing. (you definitely sacrifice airflow, so make sure your ambient room temp is not too hot or you will increase the internal temps)