Reeezen Build


Posting the information for my Reeezen Build!


CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 6c/12t w/ stock wraith cooler
Motherboard: Aorus Elite B450
Memory: ADATA XPG GAMMIX D10 32GB (4 X 8GB)
Case: Rosewill 8-Bay L4000
5x 10TB WD “shucked” drives
1x 1TB “scratch” disk for downloads
1x 500GB Corsair MX500
Add-On Cards:
1x LSI 9265-8i Hardware Raid Card
1x HP NC552SFP Dual 10G SFP+ Network Card
1x PCIe x1 (USB3) to x16 Mining Riser for GPU Out (EVGA 560 Ti)


Currently running Windows Server 2016 Data Center Edition in GUI mode w/ Hyper-V enabled

The Reeezen Server is currently hosting my Virtual Machines using Hyper-V.
Plex VM
TorrentBox VM
Ubuntu “sandbox” VM

Windows 10 Pro with 10 “cores” allocated (Not assigned) and Dynamic Memory Enabled (can scale from 4GB to 16GB)
The PLEX VM was P2V (Physical 2 Virtual) over from my old Plex Server.

Since the VM was originally on a 120GB SSD, it has a relatively small footprint all things considered ( I have other software on there from before, and I am too lazy to move the installs)

I have also created a 120GB VHDX (Virtual Hard Disk) for the Plex Metadata that is “attached” to the VM using Hyper-V. When I get time in the future, this will eventually let me “migrate” the entire VM including the Metadata to another Host for High Availability.

Currently the primary Plex Media Storage is hosted on Reeezen, and it is “shared” using Windows SMB protocol, since it is on the same box as Hyper-V this allows near bare-metal performance using the internal Hyper-V Network Adapter.


Reeeezen Build has been decommisioned. It has been replaced with much higher performance hardware. (Id say keeping the public up to date on my setup is pretty difficult due to frequent changes/updates) :smiley:


I am concerned that this case hasn’t been painted an appropriate color. Why are drives allocated here and not in your NetApp collection? Further I would like to see a more specific breakdown on the VM’s and programs being run on the system. As well some temps and stress tests results would not be unappreciated.

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