Unraid Guide - Beginner - Unraid Basic Setup


Planning ahead - Shares, ports, file systems, etc

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  • shares: personally, i have a ‘media’ and ‘downloads’ share, but allegedly if you combine them, hardlinks will work between the two directories. would be good to go over the “use cache?” settings and what each of them entail.
  • ports: i wish I had been more diligent with port assignment from the get go, but that’s more of an OCD thing
  • file systems: xfs is default for array drives & parity, btrfs for cache. i added a number of drives to my array a while back and set them to btrfs with the intention of transferring everything to them and then converting my old drives to xfs. reasoning? idk, heh… btrfs supposedly has protection against bitrot, and (or via?) the scrub function.
  • allocation method: the differences between high water, most free, etc
  • additional shares: (to be covered in a later topic, might not be worth mentioning here) backup share for appdata/flash/vm etc, perhaps a “personal data” share that contains documents, photos, etc that you want to take special care of (can assign to a specific drive, might make it easier to enable cloud backup, etc)
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other thoughts:

  • spindown vs not spindown: new drives it’s not a bad idea, older drives, might be worse on them